Previously available applications

  Name   Last Available Description
nologo OGC Standards   10.5 OGC Standards descriptions
nologo Viking QuickStart 10.5 GPS Data Analysis and Viewer
nologo Ushahidi QuickStart 10.5 Mapping and Timeline for events
nologo TinyOWS QuickStart 10.5 WFS-T Service
OSGeo Community PyWPS QuickStart 10.5 Web Processing Service
nologo osgEarth QuickStart 10.5 3D Terrain Rendering
nologo Kosmo Desktop QuickStart 10.5  
nologo WorldWind Java QuickStart 10.5 Desktop Virtual Globe
nologo Iris QuickStart 10.5 Meteorology and Climatology
nologo GeoKettle QuickStart 10.5 ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) Tool
nologo Sahana QuickStart 10.5 Disaster management
nologo MB System QuickStart 10.5 Sea Floor Mapping
nologo Cartaro QuickStart 10.0 Geospatial CMS
nologo TileMill QuickStart 9.5 Styling and Publishing
nologo GpsDrive QuickStart 9.0 GPS Navigation
nologo Map Window QuickStart 8.0 Microsoft Windows based Desktop GIS.
OSGeo Project MapFish QuickStart 7.9 Web Mapping Framework
nologo 52NorthWSS QuickStart 6.5 Web Security Service
nologo Geopublisher   6.0 Catalogue
nologo AtlasStyler   6.0 Style Editor
OSGeo Project MapGuide QuickStart 5.0 Web Service