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Spatial Database

SpatiaLite is an SQLite database engine with spatial functions added.

SQLite is a Database Management System (DBMS) which is simple, robust, easy to use and very lightweight. Each SQLite database is simply a file. You can freely copy it, compress it, and port it between Windows, Linux, MacOs etc.


Core Features

The SpatiaLite extension enables SQLite to support spatial data conformant to OGC specifications.


  • User friendly GUI
  • Standard WKT and WKB formats
  • SQL spatial functions such as AsText(), GeomFromText(), Area(), PointN() …
  • OpenGis spatial analysis functions provided via GEOS, such as Overlaps(), Touches(), Union(), Buffer() …
  • Full Spatial metadata in line with OpenGis specifications
  • Numerous Geometry notations - EWKT, GML, KML, and GeoJSON
  • Importing and exporting to shapefiles
  • Coordinate reprojection via PROJ.4 and EPSG geodetic parameters dataset
  • Locale charsets via GNU libiconv
  • Spatial Index based on the SQLite’s RTree extension
  • Access shapefiles as VIRTUAL TABLEs, enabling standard SQL queries on external shapefiles, without importing or converting them
  • Access external CSV/TxtTab files or xls spreadsheets as VIRTUAL TABLEs
  • Access XML documents, stored BLOB compressed binary objects, including syntactic “well formed” and XSF schema validation constrained checks. Specific support for ISO-Metadata, SLD/SE styles and SVG graphics.XML documents can be queried using standard XPath syntax.
  • Query external WFS servers.
  • Parse external DXF files (all versions) and store layers and geometries found.
  • Generate and Export DXF files



Licence: MPL v1.1 and GPL v3

Software Version: 4.3.0a

Supported Platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows

API Interfaces: C