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OpenJUMP is an easy to use and powerful desktop GIS that enables users to display, edit, analyse and conflate geographic data. It comes in a CORE and a PLUS edition, with the latter adding lots of useful plugins. OpenJUMP is excellent for data editing and rapid prototyping of GIS functions.

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Features (Core Features and PlugIns*)

  • Data Formats

    • reads (files): GML, SHP, DXF+, MIF*, CSV+, KML+, OSM* & TIFF, ASCII grid, JPG, PNG, JPEG2000+, MrSID*, ECW+
    • reads (DB): PostGIS, ArcSDE*, Oracle*, MySQL*, SpatiaLite+, H2 Spatial+, MariaDB+
    • reads (OGC standards): WKT, WMS, KML+, GeoPackage
    • writes: GML, SHP, WKT, DXF+, CSV+, PostGIS & JPG, TIFF, ASCII grid*, SVG+
    • note, formats marked with a (*) require an additional plugin, and with (+) are part of the PLUS edition.
  • Editing & Conflation

    • drawing points, lines, polygons, multi-geometries, geometry collections and circles (eventually mixed in a single layer)
    • adding, moving, deleting vertices
    • rotating, scaling, auto-complete polygon
    • cut, merge, simplify polygons and lines
    • warping, quality assurance tools
    • coordinate conversions between CRS’
  • Analysis & Query

    • spatial and attribute query functions
    • analysis : buffer, union, overlay, centroid, convex hull…
    • statistics : length, area, layer statistics, attribute statistics, plots…
    • editing tools : converter, noder, polygonizer, planar graph, topology cleaning in PLUS edition, …
    • attribute transfer tools : join, matching*
    • SEXTANTE raster analysis toolbox included in PLUS edition
  • Customization

    • internationalization (cz, de, en, es, fi, fr, hu, it, ja, pt, ta, zh)
    • provides an API, scripting via BeanShell and Java Python/Ython
    • (Java) plugin-system

Implemented Standards

  • OGC standards supported: GML2, SFS, WMS, KML, SLD, GeoPackage (reading);



Licence: GPL

Software Version: 1.11.0

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix

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