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Desktop Editor for OpenStreetMap data

JOSM is a feature rich, extensible, offline desktop editor for OpenStreetMap (OSM) data, written in Java.

It supports loading stand-alone GPX tracks and GPX track data as well as editing existing nodes (points), ways (lines), metadata tags (name/value information) and relations (ordered sequence of points and lines) from the OSM database. GPX tracks, are usually downloaded in advance from a GPS receiver or from other sources.

A number of specialised plugins have been written for JOSM, which are available for download and install.

JOSM Editor.

Core Features

  • Common GIS Desktop Interface tools:
    • Tool bar customization, View control (zoom, pan. etc), styles, icons and layers management.
  • Download and upload OSM vector data.
  • Open local data:
    • NMEA-0183 files: .nmea, .nme, .nma, .log, .txt
    • OSM files: .osm, .xlm, .osmbz2, .osmbz
    • OSM change file: .osc, .osc.bz2,, .osc.gz
    • images (.jpg)
  • Imagery:
    • Visualize basemaps from OSM, Bingsat, Lansat, MapBox satellite, MapQuest Open Aerial or any other WMS sources.
  • Editing Tools:
    • Nodes: merge, join, unglue, distribute, align in circle, align in line, join node to way, and more.
    • Ways: split, combine, reverse, simplify, unglue ways, and more.
    • Areas: join overlapping areas, create multi-polygon, and more.
  • Audio mapping: survey recording management.
  • Photo mapping: survey pictures management.
  • Plugins: A list of specialized plugins are available for download.

Implemented Standards

  • JOSM views WMS layers, but uses the OSM API to communicate with OSM database.



Licence: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. Note: JOSM plugins may use other licences.

Software Version: r11427

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

API Interfaces: Java