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Open Data Cube Quickstart

The Open Data Cube Core provides an integrated gridded data analysis environment for decades of analysis ready earth observation satellite and related data from multiple satellite and other acquisition systems.

This Open Data Cube tutorial section
  1. use Jupyter Notebook to examine data

  2. basic command line tools

Analyze a Base Map

As our input dataset we will use Prizren from esa_worldview_2021 land use / landcover dataset;


Open menu Geospatial : Spatial Tools : Jupyter Notebook;

On the Jupyter Home page, click to open folder OpenDataCube, click to open Notebook, choose „Run All“ from the kernel menu.

For a quick look at a base data file, open a terminal and use the GDAL command gdalinfo:

$ gdalinfo /usr/local/share/data/odc/esa_10m_2021_prizren.tif

Things to try

Datacube core commands quickstart :

$ datacube system check
$ datacube product show
$ datacube dataset search
  • TODO tutorial <tutorial>

What next?